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Officers/Executive Board-Committee Chairs/Advisory Members

Susan Page Minton, KY

Becky Cady, IA
Vice Chair

Laura Mack

Jean Hodge, VI

Claudia Fernandes, CA 
Immediate Past Chair

Committee Chairs

Susan Page Minton, KY
Law and Literature Chair

Claudia Fernandes, CA 
Website Committee Chair

Kym Martin, NC
Emergency Preparedness and Health and Quality of Life, Committee Chair  

Susan Baker, CA

Jan Dickson
Ethics, Chair

Kelly Lowery, WV
Family and Children, Committee Chair

Judy Ketchum, WV
Judicial Assistance, Committee Chair

Mary Torres, Guam
Political Life, Committee Chair

Jim Griffin, DE
Retirement, Committee Chair

Zulma Labarga, FL
iCivics, Committee Chair

Advisory Members

Mary Torres, Guam

Deb Gilbertson, SD

Deborah Ramirez, MA