Judicial Family Programs: Arkansas



Marty Sullivan
Judicial Branch Education Director
Administrative Office of the Courts
625 Marshall, Suite 1100
Little Rock, AR 72201
Phone: 501/682-9400
Fax: 501/682-9410 

Pat A. Hannah
2956 West Country Club Road
Searcy, AR 72143
Phone: 501/682-1790
Cell: 501/278-0361

Arkansas held it's first JFI Program for judicial spouses at the Spring 2005 Semi-Annual Judicial Meeting. Prior to the meeting the Chief Justice sent a letter to all Judges prior to the meeting. The letter contained a brief explanation of JFI, how to access the JFI website, and invited the judicial spouses to attend a special program about security. The Administrative Office of Courts (AOC) placed personal invitations to the spouses in the Judges registration packets, provided refreshments, and a meeting room. This was an informal program. Information was given to the spouses about JFI and a group discussion was held regarding security issues for Judicial families. JFI articles on security were copied and given to both Judges and judicial spouses. Spouses attending expressed an appreciation for this type of program and asked for future programs.

At the fall 2005 Judicial conference, the spouses attending were provided a lunch by the AOC at the new Chamber of Commerce building in downtown El Dorado. The lunch program was provided by the Attorney General's office and the topic was "Identity Theft". After lunch, the spouses were given a tour of the revitalized downtown area and also were given shopping time. The Chamber of Commerce presented gift packets to the spouses which contained discounts at local merchants. The spouses again asked for future programs and specifically asked that the "Identity Theft" program be presented to their spouses. 

The spring 2006 Judicial Conference will be held in Hot Springs, Arkansas, and the spouses' program will again be presented by the Attorney General's office. The spouses asked for more information on "Identity Theft" and for the Attorney General's program on "Internet Safety". Plans are to send letters directly to the spouses which will contain information about JFI and the upcoming program. Also, spouses that have attended the programs are going to promote JFI and our programs to spouses that have not yet attended. 

The Arkansas Supreme Court has created an AOC Task Force on Court Security and Pat Hannah was appointed to represent JFI and judicial spouses.



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